How To Soften Butter FAST

Quick Tip #1 How To Soften Butter Fast

And I mean like, five minutes fast. Fifteen tops.

Do you just HATE having al the ingredients you want to make something out of on hand, and when you’re measuring out ingredients you realize: darn it, the butter’s not softened yet! And you take it out of the fridge and wait a few hours to let it soften.
Well, if you’re like me, that happens almost EVERY TIME I make something. I just forget! If I make something 100 times, I’ll only remember to get the butter out 5 times beforehand. I’m scatterbrained.
Have you Google searched for “how to soften butter fast”, “how to soften butter quickly”, or “how to soften butter in five minutes” or something like that? My web history is full of that. And the articles tell you to put it on the oven while it’s preheating, put it in the microwave with the power on low, chop it into chunks…but does everyone have a microwave with heat settings? I don’t. Then I tried the oven method, and my butter totally melted on the oven! Finally, I tried the chopping method. Worked like a charm! People ain’t lying, butter softens FAST when it’s teeny sized.
Either chop the butter into really, really thin (as thin as you can make it anyway) slices, small chunks or grate it. Benefits of slicing are that you can home your knife skills, grating benefits are that grating gives you much smaller bits of butter. But I just slice the butter, it’s hard to hold the butter while you’re grating it! Plus it’s hard to get the butter out. I used to think this was a waste of time, so I just waited out the few hours. Now I think it’s sorta fun in some way. You can soften your butter with these real, usable tricks within five to ten minutes, fifteen tops, depending on your amount of butter.
I hope I helped you with easy butter-softening! Have you got any other methods that works? Comment below!
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2013 To Do List (100 Foods I Need To Try Out)

This is my To Do, To Bake, To Make, To Cook…whatever list. 2013 has a a few months left to go now, and I am swearing on my lucky guitar pick that I will try making at least a 10 of what I have listed below! This is also going to be a little sneak peek about future posts, cause I will be consulting my list every time I want to bake or cook something and focus on what I wrote. But there’s going to be a few exceptions, though! Although I have already tried out some of these listed below, (like sponge cake, apple crostata..) I didn’t take any process photos so I will post them with photos! These are foods I really want to try out, and on December 31th let’s see if my lucky pick is staying or not!

2013 Sassy ft Sweet Official To Do List

*This is in a totally random order, I just type what I thought of!

1. Chocolate cake (DEFINITELY)
2. Chocolate chip scones
3. Tiramisu!
4. Chocolate eclairs
5. Sponge cake
6. Banana muffins
7. Banana bread
8. Frozen bananas
9. Flan ( Creme caramel)
10. Pastel de nata
11. Custard pie
12. French silk pie
13. Strawberry ice cream
14. Chocolate ice cream
15. Mint chip ice cream
16. Vanilla ice cream
17. Homemade yogurt
18. Froyo! Or frogurt, whatever
19. Spaghetti carbonara
20. Creme Brûlée
21. Truffles
22. Boba tea
23. Bubble tea
24. Popcorn chicken
25. Onion rings
26. French fries
27. Basic hamburger
28. Passionfruit pavlova
29. Meringues
30. Spaghetti aglio de olio
31. Caramel
32. White bread
33. Scrambled eggs
34. French toast
35. Beef Wellington
36. Turnovers
37. Apple crostata
38. Apple galette
39. Apple pie
40. Apple tarte tatin
41. Apple pie pops
42. Fried apple pie
43. Peach pie
44. Fried ice cream
45. Red velvet cupcakes
46. Ice cream cake
47. Ice cream cupcakes
48. Cupcake cake
49. Croissants
50. Strawberry shortcake
51. Fruit tart
52. Custard tart
53. Watermelon sorbet
54. Honeydew sorbet
55. Shortbread
56. Baked Alaska
57. Bombe
58. Granola muffins
59. Strawberry orange muffins
60. Citrus chiffon cake
61. Mango sorbet
62. Blueberry muffins
63. Whipping cream cake
64. Banana splits
65. Fish and chips
66. Jaffa cakes
67. Jelly beans
68. Gummy bears
69. Hash browns
70. Eggs in a basket
71. Pudding
72. Butter
73. Chocolate
74. Salted caramel cupcakes
75. Candied citrus peel
76. Cat’s tongue cookies
77. Marshmallows
78. Lemon jelly in lemonade
79. Crystal cake
80. Nutella
81. Grass jelly
82. Cream cheese frosting
83. Cheesecake ice cream
84. Rocky road ice cream
85. Donuts
86. Crepes
87. Waffles
88. Pancakes
89. Molten lava cake
90. Banana cake
91. Egg custard (in an egg)
92. Stained glass cookies
93. Basic vanilla cupcakes
94. Carrot cake
95. Ice cream mochi balls
96. Black Forest cake
97. Red bean mochi
98. Pie crust
99. Pineapple pastries
100. Eggless lemon curd

Oh my God I cannot believe that I thought of all this while driving home.
Comment below if you especially want to see one of these listed above or if you have more to add to my list!
Angelina xo

P.S a sweet recipe from this list is coming really soon!