Blogs/YouTubes I Adore

This is a page dedicated to all of the blogs/websites out there that have either inspired, encouraged or helped me in any way. I love each and every blogs I list, and if you think there’s more that I haven’t seen, please comment down below, I’d love to check out their blogs! This page is updated and added to regularly so remember to check back!
I hope that I’ve led you to some of the most amazing blogs out there, and I’m looking forward to seeing more! Love ya, xo

You have no idea how much I love and rely on this blog. Perfect cakes, perfect piping, perfect woman and has a perfect family and a perfect pink KitchenAid mixer. So excited for Rosie’s cookbook release!
Brown Eyed Baker
Michelle is famous in the baking world. Love her! And that adorable dog of hers, too.
The Pioneer Woman
I especially love Ree’s story about being a pioneer woman. She’s fun, quirky and full of country happiness and great food.
I learned 3/4 of all my hairstyles here on her YouTube channel. Mindy is an awesome teacher with a cute hubby and adorable kids, I adore each one! She has new videos out every Sunday, and lately she’s been putting some short but sweet family videos at the end of each video, which makes the video even more unique in its own way. I love that.
Piece Of Cake
Shauna has brilliant recipes, brilliant cookbooks and a brilliant mind. Breathtaking photography and breathtaking marshmallows.
Heather has an amazingly creative mindset, colorful treats and sweet as honey recipes that are sure to brighten up your day!
Raspberri Cupcakes
The name enticed me to click on the site in the first place! Lovely recipes and unimaginable techniques.
Glorious Treats
Her treats are glorious. Beautifully placed and photographed, always an avid baker with a big mind.
Completely Delicious
Annalise puts a lot of thought into every word and every photo. I like the layout of her blog, simple and easy to read.
Simply Scratch
I love this girl, Laurie. As always, her posts are simple and always from scratch, which I am a huge fan about.
Smitten Kitchen
Need I say more? I’m sure you’ve all heard of New Yorker Deb with her fantastic and out of this world recipes and photos.
David Lebovitz
This man is my total ice cream idol. I have every cookbook he’s published, and never has a recipe gone wrong. I practically worship him for all his humourous, French-guy posts. I adore him.

YouTube Channels I Absolutely ADORE
Divas Can Cook
Monique and her blog plus her YouTube channel plus her recipes are the bomb! I love her attitude and her kid Isaac is so helpful in the kitchen.
Laura Vitale
I have no idea where I would be now it it weren’t for Laura. Laura+her foolproof and so simple recipes+Italian culture is wonderful. I love how she gives up recipes from her father’s old Italian restaurant and films with her nonna! I trust her with every fiber of my being, and she also has a style channel!
Evelina Barry
This girl is amazing. She does fashion and DIYs like nothing else, and she’s inspired me a lot! I especially love her Christopher Kane inspired gel-filled clutch video, now THAT was amazing.
Byron Talbott
I like this guy, especially the caramel decoration video, you can really see how careful he is!
Brooklyn and Bailey
Daughters of Mindy from CuteGirlsHairstyles (above), they have their own cool channel with fun DIYs, lookbooks, ideas and crazy dares!
This girl does hair like no one else. Great if you want to do your own hair for a change!
This guy does baked foods like a pro, hence the name. He’s informative, helpful and he always replies to your comments, which is really great. I’m thinking of trying his chocolate mousse filled cake next week, sure to be decadent to the point of chocolate heaven!
Julie has a soothing voice and wonderful videos and ideas. I like her dessert videos the most.
Jen is a bubbly, fun person who really knows her baking. And decorating. The most unique part of her channel is that is incorporates baking outdoors! So check that out if you go hiking or camping often :))
Caroline Mili Artiss
Caroline incorporates different ethnic cuisines in all her foods, and I found her when she was doing a series called ‘Keep Calm and Bake’. Love the Hunger Games reference for this!
A hairstyle and extensions channel that I absolutely adore. I especially like the real story of two sisters , Mimi and Leyla, trying to find the perfect extensions, and at last decided to make their own, and now they sell their extensions at!

I have so many more channels and blogs to introduce you to, but I’ll post them another time. I hope you find this list of all my favorites handy, and most of all inspirational! Remember to comment down below if you know of any more brilliant blogs or channels!


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