About Moi

Hi everyone! This is my about me page, which is supposedly where I am supposed to tell you things about me, FAQs, all that fun stuff. Well, keep on reading to read just that! xoxo

My name is Angelina, from Taiwan. I am an avid baker, am a member of the ‘waste not want not’ club, a disaster magnet and a sugar lover. I like anything sweet, that’s why I hate the dentist. Who invented dentists anyway? Torturous. Wait a sec, let me check out other bloggers’ about me page so I’m not the odd one out saying weird things about myself. Okay, got it.

My birthday is on September 28th, which is also Teacher’s Day where I live. And it’s also the day this blog was born. I know, right? That way I won’t have to remember a ton of anniversary dates, just smush them all on the day I won’t forget! Genius. Everyone tells me to go become a teacher, that started when I was a kid. They would be like, oh, if you become a teacher, you’ll get double the gifts on that day! Unfortunately, I have no patience to teach or do anything. I really don’t. I don’t wait for pie crusts to set in the fridge, I don’t wait for jellies to set, I don’t wait for eggs to come to room temperature, and that’s why almost everything I make comes out disastrous. Patience is just not my virtue, not something I was born with. So that’s why I am not a teacher. Or a successful baker.

I started this blog because
1. I like baking, I like writing, and I like the Internet.
2. I think it would be fun for people to know or read about my quirks, sometimes hilarious language and I do hope people laugh because of what I write.
3. For me, this is like an official way to get into the baking world. A lot of people do this, and I thought why not?
I named this blog ‘Sassy ft Sweet’ because first, it’s about things that make me happy, which in general is anything sweet. And making desserts! I love the words sass and sassy, I have no idea why but it sounds good to me. And ‘ft’ is for what is secondly most important in my life: music! So it’s like I’m writing a duet and turning it into something that IS me. I thought about Sassed Up Sweets, My Frosted Life, Sparkly Sassiness, a dab of frosting, Ganache Girl., desserina (desserts+Angelina)…I’ve been searching for the perfect name for months, and I finally did when I tried to incorporate music and baking!

I love to laugh, smile, and be bright and sunshiny and happy. Like Arizona Robbins in Grey’s Anatomy. People tell me I’ve got a smile like hers! (Can you tell I’m addicted to Grey’s Anatomy?? So excited for season 10!) I am generally an optimistic girl, and I am very rarely seriously angry. You’ll know I’m really angry when I start giving you the silent treatment. I don’t swear or rant or whatever, I just ignore.

Random facts about me:

I play guitar. Both acoustic and electric, started when I was like, what? Nine or ten cause I wanted to be like Taylor Swift.
I am addicted to food that makes me fat. For example, Nutella.
I desperately want to kill off ten or twenty pounds but no matter how much I run (who says running slims you down? I’ve been at it for three years and I haven’t lost even half a pound!) I. Just. Do. Not. Lose. The. Weight. So frustrating!
I HATE girls who are obviously like super skinny and keep whining all the time to people like…me how they need to lose weight and all that. I mean, I’m like ‘What the pug?! If you say you’re as fat as a pig, then what am I? An elephant?!’
The best gifts to give me: A BIG box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates! Jars of Nutella! And then a treadmill so I won’t feel guilty after all those calories. Makes total sense to me!
I ramble a lot. And I’m sorry for that.
I have a sister. A very annoying sister that looks so much like me, I could buy a hundred KitchenAid mixers if I got a dollar every time people say, ‘oh, are you twins?’ Or ‘you look so much like twins!’. And I’m literally honest.

I like to help people, so if you got any questions that I can actually answer and Google actually can’t, please send me an email or fill out the contact form here I will get back to ya, promise! xoxo


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