Nature’s Gate Organic Shampoo+Conditioner Set–Product Reviews

Today I’m going to introduce you to one of my favorite products on earth. Organic, moisturizing, detangling and smells great, it’s Nature Gate’s Organic Shampoo and Conditioner, if you want to get more specific, it’s the chamomile and lemon verbena set. Where do I start? There’s so much I want to say, including a little secret story I’m sure no one in the world knows. Let’s start this review!
First of all, this is what the Nature’s Gate website says about the shampoo:

The conditioner:


I chose this specific set because it was in the ‘dry, damaged hair’ series, which my hair is definitely is. I have permed hair, and it has really damaged my hair to the point of dry, brittle, split ended and especially tangled hell. This thing really overdelivered, combined with the conditioner and another miracle worker coming up in another review, they’re life changing. There was a short period in my life when I went crazy and wanted to experiment with other products just to see how they would measure up, and I’ve learned my lesson. Never mess with other products! My hair went even more brittle than normal, hair was falling out and breaking when I lightly tugged on or twirled a strand of my hair. My hair went thin, flat, boring, dull, and I was plain shocked. My hair was in a terrible state, breaking all over the place. That was a lesson I’ll never forget.
When I converted back to my Nature’s Gate products, the recovery was quick and so amazing. My hair was healthy, shiny and gorgeous! My hair didn’t fall out, it didn’t tangle, and I looked and felt better. And I smelled great, too!

Here’s my normal showering routine:
1. I rinse my whole body and hair until fully soaked.
2. I always, always start with the shampoo. I squeeze a small dollop onto my hand and massage it into my hair and scalp until my hair is full of white foamy bubbles.
3. Rinsing off everything, I squeeze a larger dollop of conditioner (I need a lot for detangling) and comb it through my hair with my fingers and let it sit for approximately three minutes, as instructed on the bottle.
4. I rinse off the conditioner and squeeze a small dollop of conditioner, quickly run it through my hair and rinse immediately. This makes sure that there really are no tangles and my hair is perfectly smooth.
5. I wash my body with some Biore soap, rinse off.
6. I towel up, rub some leave in conditioner (will do another glowing review on that) and blow dry it. That’s it!

I have a little story to tell you before I move on to the pros and cons of this product. I have been using these products my entire life, my mom was using it, so naturally I started using it as a kid, then all those years passed, and I’m still using Nature’s Gate to this day. I have no idea when this started but…before I started baking, I still did this. The consistency of the conditioner is really nice–pure white, glossy and perfect for piping soft swirls! Every time when I washed my hair, I always practiced my piping with it, a swirl a day, sometimes lifting the bottle higher to let it drizzle across my hand, sometimes quickly squeezed in a circle piling up so it looked like a swirl you’d see with a normal, plain piping tip. I have no idea why I did this but embarrassingly, I’m still doing it every time I wash my hair. Here are some close ups of the bottles themselves:





On to the review.

Pros and Cons of the set

1. Smells natural and really good
2. Detangles and nourishes my hair
3. Priced at a a very value price
4. Moisturizes and prevents breakage
5. Leaves hair shiny, soft and smooth
6. It is organic, which makes it even more natural!
7. It has never been/is never tested on animals.

1. I can’t think of a one. I’m being really scathingly honest here, I’m trying to rack my brain about the cons but…
This product is practically perfect.

Final conclusion:
By all means, GET THIS PRODUCT. I mean it. Especially if you have dry, damaged hair. Nature’s Gate also has a few other series you can check out to see which suits your hair condition, that’s a plus. Please try this out if you’re hesitating or looking for the perfect organic shampoo and conditioner! I have never and won’t ever doubt my mom’s addiction to organic products again, and you shouldn’t either.
Check the website out here

Stay tuned and I’ll be back soon with another review, love ya! xo


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