Chocolate Ganache

Hi there! Today I have a great recipe that I’m sure most of you have in your repertoire right now, but just in case you don’t…well, this one’s for you! It’s the secret weapon I use to cover up my cakes, glaze my donuts, pipe as a buttercream alternative on cupcakes, and so much more. It really is too simple to believe, and too delicious, rich and chocolatey to have too much of. Chocolate ganache. I’ll be using this a LOT in future cake, cookies, cupcake and donut recipes in different forms, so just keep an eye out for those, kay?

Everyone (or almost everyone) knows that chocolate ganache is made out of chocolate and cream, usually using the same ratio. But in a few cases, I want to make this as simple and clear for you:

Thicker ganache=more chocolate than cream
Thinner ganache=more cream than chocolate.

Thick ganache can be used for making those expensive, cocoa-powdered truffles that are dense and bursting with deep, sophisticated chocolate flavor. Thinner ganache can be used for drizzling/glazing the top of every baked good imaginable, and making warm fondues.
One important thing is that ganache thickens and the longer it cools down. When it’s cooled and really thick (thick as in you can pull a fork through it and it holds fork tracks clearly), you can use to frost cakes, fill cakes, decorate cupcakes and so much more. You could whip the ganache first to make it light and fluffy, or just dollop it onto cake layers. I vote for light and fluffy.

Its consistency makes it perfect for piping flowers onto cakes, just like buttercream, although it’s brown from the color. Personally, I love ganache so much more than I do buttercream. Maybe it’s just that sweetness that throws me off, or the greasy taste of butter in the buttercream? Or maybe it’s just that I haven’t had real buttercream yet. Let’s save that experiment for another time 🙂

Recipe for chocolate ganache

1 cup of heavy cream
1 cup of semisweet or dark chocolate chips

First, get the cream up to a simmer, but don’t boil it.
Pour the cream over the chocolate chips. Let it sit there for about three minutes, then whisk until it’s perfectly smooth and chocolatey and gorgeous, with a pretty sheen to it.

That is it. I mean, COME ON! This is great as a last minute, quick filling or glaze for ANYTHING.
I know I didn’t go into much detail, so check out this page that has EVERYTHING you need to know about ganache, if you want to get a little more scientific, and clear process photos. I know, I’m being a bit lazy on this one but I need to work on perfecting a new recipe for you guys soon! Stay tuned and I’ll catch you in the next post 🙂


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