Creamiest Chocolate Ice Cream

Oh my God. You will NOT believe this. This recipe I’m about to share with you today, will be THE one. It is a love at first sight (or should I say taste?), lover reminiscent, once in a lifetime, the absolute best chocolate ice cream you will ever, EVER have. It tastes and looks like Haagen Dazs ice cream, you know, the seriously expensive but oh-so-good ice cream company that sells mini cups of fabulous ice cream for about a hundred dollars (here in Taiwan)? The texture is just amazingly creamy, and soft, and melt in your mouth. Literally. How many words have I used to describe this ice cream now? Seems like a lot.

Why did I want to suddenly make ice cream when it’s almost November? Well, first of all, I am a bit bonkers in the head when it comes to seasonal foods. Because we don’t celebrate anything except for a few holidays here that is NOTHING like Thanksgiving, Halloween (which is coming up this week! Sadly…no one’s going to even notice it’s Halloween. Yeah, that’s the way the ball rolls here.) or Christmas. You have no idea how much I want to throw a huge party like the ones you see and plan on TV, invite everyone and have a great time. If you do that here, everyone will most definitely be like: What are we going to your house for? And that kills the mood. Instantly. People here don’t GET IT.
Second of all, although it’s nearing the end of October here, the sun is still showering rays of blazing hot sunshine on us. And I get hot, and I sweat, really fast. My face gets all red (I cannot tell you how many times people have said ‘you look like an apple’ when it’s hot out.) and burning hot which unfortunately, is uncontrollable. My point is, that it’s hot.
The last reason is; I went to my friend Emily’s a few days ago, we went shopping to celebrate her birthday, and my other friend Alice sent her a pint of chocolate Haagen Dazs ice cream. See where I’m going with this? Well, I was inspired. Inspired by the absolute fantastic, velvety texture I tasted in that perfectly softened pint of deep chocolate flavored ice cream. And I wanted to recreate it so bad, so I went and looked for tons of chocolate ice cream recipes that fitted the definition of what I wanted to recreate. After lots and lots of eggs, chocolate cream and reading other peoples’ reviews, I finally found it.

Have I convinced you yet? I hope so! I nearly cried when I tasted the finished ice cream of my recreation. I almost fainted, I was so happy. It was almost, almost the EXACT same thing as the chocolate Haagen Dazs Alice gave Emily. It was soft but not melted, the texture was luxuriously velvety, smooth and SO creamy, even when I used low-fat milk because that’s what I always have in my fridge, and the flavor was intensely deep and out of this world fabulous! I could not believe the scale of success I had with this one. Plus, after a night in the freezer, it didn’t freeze rock hard, I could actually make an indent with a spoon without waiting for it to soften!
Process photos below, this recipe is dedicated to you guys+a few of my inspiring friends Emily and Joyce!
*sorry if some photos were kinda blurry! I wanted to capture some ‘texture’ so you will know what to look for if you’re not sure. One-hand-iPad-took-photos ain’t the best, but they’ll have to do.






























I just realized that this post, today, is actually my blog’s one month blogiversary! I made it through one month without neglecting my blog, WHOO! Let’s look forward to many, many more 🙂 mini celebration, why not make this ice cream? Recipe below!


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