Betty Crocker Pie Crust Mix–Product Reviews

Let’s face it. Everyone’s lazy at some point. And this is my point. I’m going to give you the moral before the story-slash-review. Don’t be lazy. Laziness=bad food is a very WRONG formula, one that you should know by heart.
What’s the story, then? Well…I was shopping at the huge grocery store in the basement floor of Taipei’s famous 101 building, and I spotted an aisle for baking products! I was so, so freaking happy, I had been looking for Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, Pillsbury…products for who know how long with no results. They only had a couple cake mixes that I didn’t really like, so I didn’t buy them: carrot cake and yellow cake. I don’t hate them, I just..don’t really like it. I’ll choose a fluffy white cake over a spicy carrot one any time. Then I found canned frosting, looked at the ingredients, and promptly placed it back on the shelf. Don’t mess with those things, honey. Although canned frosting textures are TO DIE FOR, I ain’t putting that in my stomach. Lastly, I saw Betty Crocker’s Pie Crust Mix. I was actually really excited, because I don’t like using so much expensive butter in my pie crusts. I learned my lesson. Butter is better.
Gleefully, I bought two boxes. Then I put them in the cabinet, and tried it for my chocolate mousse tart I wanted so bad to show you guys, but guess what? The crust was so awful! Too awful to do anything to it, except throw it in the trash bin.
It was WAAAAAY too salty, like a soda cracker, and it was flaky but it just did not measure up to my buttery pie crusts I’ve made before, and I didn’t add anything to it except the required amount of water. It was just god-darn terrible! I couldn’t imagine pairing anything with it that would taste good. It was so bad.
One good thing: it was so easy to work with, it didn’t tear, it could withstand my rolling to about two millimeters thick and I could transfer it to my tart tin. This would be good for practicing crimping and decorating pie crust edges. That is the only good thing about this pie crust.
I was so disappointed! The crust looked absolutely AMAZING before it baked, so perfectly smooth and with no cracks in it. I had seriously high hopes for this mix, because some (three) online reviewers said that it was great. I have no idea why on earth they would ever say that! Here are some shots of the actual pie crust, (it comes all crumbly and dough-y) and the ruffly, rustic-y shapes I made with the leftover dough…you could say they’re a sneak peek for some rustic, freeform tarts I have in mind!







Conclusion: Do you even NEED a conclusion for this? If you do…this is terrible. Don’t buy this. Ever.
If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to comment below and I will get back to ya, bye! xo


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