Cuisinart ICE-21 White Ice Cream Maker–Product Reviews

Cuisinart 1 Quart Ice Cream Maker—Product Reviews

Hello, hello! Today I’ve got another product review for you! It’s one of the best investments I have ever made, and if you want to know why, just keep reading on.

I bought this ice cream maker around June this year, because summer was almost fully here and I was interested in how to make ice cream but didn’t want to have to go through all those tiring repeating steps of freezing, take out, mix, back in. What can I say? I’m lazy sometimes. So after reading lots of reviews on which was the best affordable ice cream maker, I saw that the brand Cuisinart (www had the most reliable, trustworthy and best reviews. I always, ALWAYS read as many reviews as I can, good or bad on any product I want to get. Here are some product negativities stated in some of the reviews I saw, and if they are true or not:

1. Weak motor, burns out after a few usages. NOT TRUE! I have used this maker like a maniac this summer and it has NEVER died on me yet! Holds up awesomely, will update when I’ve had it longer.
2. Hard to clean. NOT TRUE! This thing cleans like a charm! Never had any trouble with cleaning, in fact it’s one of the easiest things to clean. Just run it under hot water and you’ll be fine.
3. Soup ice cream. In my case, this has never happened before. I have no idea why some people’s makers didn’t work. Maybe it’s the temperature?
4. LOUD when churning. It’s not so loud that you have to wear earmuffs. It’s not LOUD loud, maybe about the sound of…frying a piece of fish. Get that? After a while, you barely notice it’s there. Anyways, a bonus is that the sound reminds you to check on your ice cream instead of forgetting all about it and letting it churn for like an hour or so.

I got this ice cream maker at around fifty or sixty dollars brand new at my local Cuisinart shop, and also got their 2 cup mini food processor which will come in another review. You have no idea how excited I was to finally try making ice cream! I waited two days for the ice cream maker and the processor to arrive, because it was out of stock at the time and they had to order more. Photos below from when the ice cream maker arrived, and a few shots of it in action:
I’m sorry if I don’t have many photos, I know I have my unboxing photos somewhere…I’ll post them when I find them!




After all that, here’s the most important part of the review. How well does it actually work? Does it actually produce ice cream?
It works! I was so excited when my second batch of ice cream turned out well, my first batch wasn’t so good because I thought I had to freeze the custard to chill it down, when I really had to put it in the fridge. So the ice cream maker was pounding away at some rock-hard custard that wasn’t even churned yet! But more on that disaster in another post. It churned my ice cream in thirty minutes tops, and it melts really, really fast. Or maybe that’s just my temperature. The ice cream is BETTER than those sold at the shops, and it’s so simple to use ANYONE could make ice cream. It’s great that there’s only one button: the on/off switch. So people like me won’t have a headache wondering how to turn it on. Basically you just fit in the frozen insert/bowl, throw in the churning paddle or something and lock on the lid. Then you pour your ice cream mixture in the machine and let it churn and freeze simultaneously while you go do other things. Or stand there for thirty minutes to watch the ice cream progress, which I did once. It’s magical.
Okay, now for the ice cream insert/bowl thing. This is a machine that requires the insert pre-freezing for at least 24 hours before using, oh sure, there are machines that don’t have to pre-freeze their inserts, but they cost A TON (you’re looking at about 300$ for the cheapest model). It’s no problem for me now, whenever I finish a batch of ice cream, the first thing I do is get out the ice cream and put it in the freezer. The second thing I do is I wash the insert with hot water, dry it off quickly and throw it back into the reserved freezer spot. And I keep it in there until the next time I want to make ice cream, which might be a week or even tomorrow. I don’t have those times when I want to make ice cream and I realize ‘oh no I forgot to freeze the insert!’ anymore, which I used to have. It now has a reserved spot in my freezer that everyone knows not to take out. And NEVER EVER EVER try to make your ice cream when the mixture is hot or when the insert hasn’t fully frozen yet. I’ll talk more about that in my first ice cream post why.
Since then, I have made over maybe fifteen? Twenty, tops flavors of ice cream, French-style and American-style, sorbets and sherbets, and it worked wonderfully with everything. There’s also a two quart option if you eat a lot of ice cream fast, which is great, but I don’t need it.

My final conclusion: It is a brilliant, BRILLIANT machine! I highly recommend you try out this brand, it’s amazing. And it looks sorta cute in my cabinet. It works wonderfully, looks cute, churns out amazing ice cream…what could you want more in such an affordable ice cream maker? Please go get it if you haven’t already, and thank you for reading my review!

I bought the ice cream machine with my own money, and I wasn’t paid to write this review.


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