KitchenAid 5 Quart Raspberry Ice Mixer–Product Reviews

Hello, everybody! Today I will be reviewing my KitchenAid 5 Quart Raspberry Ice Stand Mixer, which I finally bought this year. I had been wanting a KitchenAid for like FOREVER since all the baking blogs and YouTubers and everyone were using KitchenAids. I finally saved up my cash and got a Raspberry Ice mixer from! I live in Taiwan, so I could buy another KitchenAid (literally) with the shipping fee. But was it worth it?

Okay. It wasn’t as amazing as I thought. I liked everything, EVERYTHING about it until something went wrong. I was so disappointed! If you have a tilt-head KitchenAid, you know that underneath the glass bowl there is a gray plastic ring you can screw onto the bowl to secure it to the mixer itself. Well, you know what? The plastic ring actually detached itself from the bowl and stuck onto the base of the actual mixer, and I couldn’t get it off. I still can’t, after so many months of trying and trying. I tried lubricating it, sticking something thin underneath, turning it……NOTHING. It still. Would. Not. Come. Off! I was disappointed, and a little angry. So what did I do?

Of course. I contacted KitchenAid. But after a few emails back and forth, the staff there told me that because it was shipped overseas, there is no warranty for my mixer! I was seriously disappointed. And I was like, COME ON! Are you serious?! A mixer is a mixer, wherever it is. So now I’m stuck with a gorgeous mixer that doesn’t function fully. Yes, it still works, but now I can’t secure it to the bowl, because the ring is now attached to where the glass bowl should turn and lock on, and therefore the bowl doesn’t lock on securely. When it’s mixing thin batters it’s okay, but when I want to make some dough or cream butter or anything more difficult, the glass bowl either spins out of place or wobbles crazily it’s disturbing. The point of buying a stand mixer is that you can leave and do whatever you want and then come back, but I have to hold the bowl with my hands when it’s mixing otherwise the whole thing would just tip over. It completely defeats the purpose of having a stand mixer! Now I barely use it at all, and whenever I look at it I feel cheated on. And sad that I wasted so much money.

The staff at KitchenAid told me to go see a KitchenAid dealer in Taiwan for help, but it was really expensive just for a checkup, and they weren’t sure if they could fix it at all, so I didn’t want to waste any more time and money and pretended to everyone that it was the most perfect thing I had ever bought in my life. Disappointed. I know I repeated this word a lot in this review, but that’s the word for it. I’m feeling depressed just typing about it.

I wish they would just replace it or fix it without any money.

You might be thinking, ‘There must be something good about this machine, right?’ And you’re right. There is. I love, love, LOVE the color of this mixer! It’s the best selling point of this mixer, along with having a glass bowl instead of a stainless steel one. I hate any Pepto-Bismol kind of pink, I either like fuchsia kinds of pink or pinks on more of the ‘rosy’ side. The Amazon photos were spot on with the color, and it does have a ‘glossy’ shine to it which I adore. It’s the star of my counter! It works okay, and I can lift the whole mixer and carry it around when I’m only about 5″. So the weight isn’t something to worry about for me. I like the tilt-head feature, I just wish they had a lefty version of it!

Conclusion: If you’re eyeing this mixer, I would suggest not buying any KitchenAid that has this sort of plastic ring in the bottom. I regret buying this Raspberry Ice just for the color, now I would change it for any mixer that didn’t have a plastic ring underneath it, like it’s other siblings. If you want to take the risk, go ahead. All the reviews I saw on this mixer were absolutely fantastic without any mention of similar problems, so maybe it’s just my mixer.

Here are some photos of the mixer, the top photos are when it first arrived, and the photo with the gray plastic ring and the next one with the glass bowl bottom is what I had a problem with, then there are some shots of the KitchenAid in action!
Comment below if you have this mixer, or if you have any more questions with this mixer, or if you want to buy a mixer! I hope I helped you in some way 🙂











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